The heart of the home is in the Kitchen. It?s the focal point of the house. It?s where we live and eat, talk and entertain. But for many, it?s a socially excluding environment, a place full of obstacles, hazards and unreachable items.

With this challenge in mind, Enable Supplies discovered an innovative range of height adjustable kitchen frames that upheld the concepts of Inclusive Design Engineering.

Depending upon the layout of your kitchen, our design team will provide several options for a proposed flexi-kitchen to maximise your existing floor space and turning circles. And because you use your existing units, you can custom build the kitchen to suit your own home so it retains all its original character and charm.

The control panels for the frames are discretely located and can be operated manually or electrically depending on your preference. The Flexi Kitchen is recyclable and reusable, meaning if you move home so too does your kitchen.

Adjustable Cupboards

The cupboards, are electonically operated to swing down and out at a 45 deg angle to meet the wheelchair user at eye level. Or Alternatively you can just have a vertical adjustment only.

4 Straight Tables

4Straight is a multifunction frame for your kitchen/family room, electrically adjustable in height to suit seated and standing activities. The ideal place for the family to get together. Choose a worktop matching your style.

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The unique KitFrame system is designed for training kitchens as well as kitchens in institutions and private homes.

Stationary Brackets

The stationary brackets make cupboards and worktop moveable in height. The system may be combined with mobile kitchen units with wheels. There are brackets for wall cupboards and for worktops.