Sensory Integration

Enable Supplies offers a wide range of sensory equipment designed to improve the sensory integration function of a person by reducing their sensory elements back to the developmental stage of when they were infants.i.e. crawling, motor planning, organisation,balance etc. The sensory equipment provides a unique structure for isolating movements and actions to help the person to experience a real condition (motion)in a safe a fun learning environment.

The Enable Supplies range of Sensory equipment comes with proven results for improvement in behaviour, the development of intelligence and increased self confidence and ability. Our resources can be applied for everyone, including options for the home and classroom.

Active S.I. Therapy Equipment

The Sensory Integration Therapy Equipment provides therapists with a unique environment to stimulate a range of senses and movements in a comfortable, safe and fun place.

Active S.I. Therapy Swings

The swings sets are available in Mobile /Platform or Pendular design. By coupling the ropes with the various anchor points in the SI centre ceiling, the swings can be adjusted to exagerate the swing angles and the sensations experienced. There are 6 main types of swings available.

Sensory Playground

Our softplay equipment breaks down tactile defences, increases confidence in vestibular movement and encourages spatial awareness. They encourage fun and exercise through play.

Neurological Exercise Tools

Therapy equipment used to enhance neurological activity.


Combining Sensory Integration with music has enabled those even with severve learning difficulties to become more expressive and to stimulate the minds and bodies. Co-ordination, imagination and exhileration are the rewards from soundbeam.

Protac Cushions

Protac Cushions are a simple yet effective method for treating challenging behaviour. These cushions have measurably changed many frustrated parents and teachers lives.