Very often buildings are critisied for the poor access they provide for wheelchair users. In fact access isn't the key determinant when assessing a building, it's exit.

In the event of an emergency, the ease of escape for a wheelchair user will determine how accessible a building is.

To enable you to make your premises more accessible, Enable Supplies stock a range of platforms and ramps that enable easy exiting from a broad range of buildings. Our range of Stepless portable ramps provide solutions for negotiating steps and kerbs and transferring wheelchairs in or out of vehicles. Our Stepless Lifting Platforms can compensate for height differences.

Flexi Step

Flexi-Step is a new and patented revolutionary staircase lift system, which enables walking-impaired and people in wheelchairs to ascend and descend stairs that would previously have been inaccessible to them.

Portable Ramps

Our unique range of portable ramps will provide solutions for negotiating steps and kerbs, transferring wheelchairs in and out of vehicles, and compensating for different height gradients.

Platform Lifts

Our lifting platforms are designed to lift wheelchair users or the walking-impaired over height differences of up to 2 metres. Lifting platforms require less space than ramp systems and are therefore ideal for places where ramps may be too steep or too long. These lifting platforms are often an economical alternative to a lift or a stairlift.

Stationary Ramps

The Stepless stationary ramp system provides a permanent, stable and secure outdoor ramp.

Stepless Doorstep Ramps and Cover Plates

Stepless doorstep ramps and cover plates are used for negotiating doorsteps. There are several types, each fulfilling different needs.

Public Transport

Much focus has been placed upon increased accessibility for the disabled in the last few years. Legal requirements concerning accessibility in public transport are on the rise around the world, and this trend is set to continue for many years to come.

Motala 2000

A Compact lift that provides accessibility for those with the greatest need.