Design and Planning

The initial design of a building will determine the quality of life and ergonomics within the building. While architects have the difficult job of balancing space, style and quality with an investors budget and dreams, the focus should never be taken away from the intended end-users of the building. With this in mind, a lot of retrofitting work can be avoided, by simple alterations or modifications to existing plans, if flagged at the design stage.

Enable Supplies have successfully provided this link between Architects visions and Healthworkers needs for many years. Something as simple as the orientation of a waste pipe, the addition of a piece of copper piping or the working space alotted to a toilet, can change a building from inhibiting to facilitating in the sweep of a pen.

So whether you plan to build, add, or restore, Enable Supplies will offer specialised guidance for architects, designers and planners on Residential Design Criteria for Irish & also International care facilities. By working in tandem with your architect, we at Enable Supplies, will venture beyond the common place to facilitate in an exciting and ergonomic design where working spaces, turning angles, storage spaces and accessibility dimensions are catered for with the minimum of fuss through creative imagination and experienced know-how. Using codes of Best Practice as opposed to minimum standards, Enable Supplies, in conjunction with your Architect, will deliver an innovative care facility that is non intrusive, yet highly functional;

A Home within a Home.