Guldmann Swing Lift

Guldmann Swing Lift is designed for the swimming facility, the outdoor pool and the quay in the harbour, and makes it possible for all – irrespective of their physical capability – to participate in activities in and around the water.

The Swing Lift is designed and constructed of materials that protect it against the elements, both indoor and outdoor.

On the photo you see an installation on the quay but the Swing Lift can also be mounted directly on larger boats, to provide easy access at every port.

Guldmann Swing Lift is available in two models based on the lifting capacity required:

  • Model 17120: max. capacity 120 kg.
  • Model 17180: max. capacity 180 kg.

The Swing Lift can be mounted with the GH2 with external recharging in the end cover or with the GH2 F lifting module.