Lifting Platform LP8

The Stepless lifting platform LP8 can be used in places where level differences of up to 3 metres need to be overcome. The standard lifting platform is equipped with automatic gates on both the upper and lower levels as well as a control panel. The inside dimensions make the lifting platform suitable for scooters and electric wheelchairs.

  1. Lifting height up to 3 metres
  2. Lifting capacity 300 kg
  3. New and elegant design with the option of transparent panels (polycarbonate) on the sides and gates
  4. Automatic gates
  5. External hydraulic housing
  6. Both gates can be fitted to open to the left or the right
  7. Superior safety - emergency stop buttons at all operating areas, pinch protection under the platform, a mechanical emergency lowering device and an automatic gate opening and closing system makes the lifting platform extremely safe for the user.

Accessories for the LP8 lifting platform:

  • Transparent panels (polycarbonate) on sides and gates
  • Battery driven electrical emergency lowering device
  • Extension set for external motor housing (can be extended by 3 metres at a time)
  • Heating cable unit
  • Remote control

LP8 specifications

Lifting height max :
3 metres
Lifting capacity :
Lifting height min :
79 mm


Weight :
650 kg
External measurements L/W :
1650/1450 mm
Internal measurements L/W :
1524/923 mm
Access ramp L/W :
664/1091 mm