Lifting Platform LP12

Stepless lifting platform LP12 is designed to lift wheelchair users in and out of trains. It allows simple and secure lifting of wheelchair users in heavy electric wheelchairs and is suitable for most types of train carriages.

The LP12 lifting platform can also be used in places with differing levels, where a transportable platform is the preferred option for meeting the requirement to lift wheelchairs. Possible uses are podiums or stages.

  1. Can be transported directly to the train in folded position
  2. Requires no previous training and can be handled by station staff
  3. Simple to install and transport
  4. Power is supplied by means of a built-in, replaceable battery
  5. Made of weather-resistant material that can tolerate use and storage in various weather conditions

LP12 specifications

Lifting height max :
950 mm
Lifting capacity :
Lifting height min :
180 mm


 Weight : 650 kg 
 Numbers of lists per charge:  approx. 4