Stepless Excellent doorstep ramps are used when negotiating doorsteps.

They are used in places where there is an existing doorstep – placing the ramp in front of the doorstep compensates for height differences. The doorstep ramps are sold in kits suitable for heights up to 15 cm. The 2 upper layers are loose for accurate adjustment in height. The ramp kit comes complete with accompanying instructions and accessories forattachment and individual adjustment.

For permanent installation we can also offer the complete set of doorstep ramps with corner modules which fit both sides of the doorstep.

For heights 7,5-11,5 cm.

Item Number : 11-12203
H x W x L: 11,20 x 75 x 76 cm
Min. height: 7.5 cm
Layers: 6
Colour: Grey
Carton size: 7,5 x 77 x 76 cm
Installation time: 5-10 min