Positioning Aids

An assortment of useful & comfortable postioning aids designed for our mattresses.

Universal Support Cushion

For individual positioning, e.g. to support the calves or a paralysed arm.

Cylindrical Cushion

For individual positioning of the patient, e.g. as a support under the knee bend or between the knees when in side position.

Postioning Tube

The pillow supports the body at 30° side position; 30° hip and knee bend is incorporated to facilitate positioning of the patient.

Circular Cushion

This element offers safe and secure support to the head of the patient whether in supine or side position.

Crescent Cushion

Multiple use half moon cushion. For example, in the back or in the knee bend when simultaneously supporting the arm.

Heel Relief Support

For comfortable free positioning of the heels.

Complete Set

One of each of the above described positioning aids and a zip-up bag for practical storage.

Cotton Covers

The available cotton covers are to be recommended for people with strong transpiration and for direct skin contact.