Pontus - Free Standing Rail System

It is not a mobile hoist, and it is not a wall or ceiling-mounted rail system. Pontus is a mobile rail system which is easy and simple to install and take down, thus facilitating the use in different places.

Pontus :

  • is always within reach, ready for use
  • does not take up floor space, ensuring optimum comfort for the user and carer
  • is easy to install and take down
  • does not require modification of the building
  • is suitable for re-installation
  • is suitable for acute and/or contemporary lifting situations
  • maximum capacity: 200 kg

The free-standing mobile rail system Pontus can be installed and taken down by one person without using special tools.

Pontus is available as a single rail system (A-frame) and a room-covering system (H-frame). Both the DH 1000 and the GH2 lifting modules can be used in the Pontus rail system.