Protac H Cushion

The H-letter design of the H-cushion means that you can position your legs stably between the cushions. The H-cushion is symmetrical which makes it useful for lying both on the left and the right side, giving you the opportunity to shift between different lying positions.

Furthermore, the H-cushion prevents oedema since it ensures that the legs are positioned above heart-level letting fluid run back to the heart.

The H-cushion is used for:

  • Hip-operated patients
  • Traumatised pelvis fractures
  • Spasticity
  • Expectant mothers suffering from pelvic insufficiency
  • Back injuries
  • Knee, foot, leg injuries
  • Positioning problems
  • Transfers

The H-cushion has been designed in co-operation with occupational therapists, physiotherapists, doctors and patients at Aarhus University Hospital, Denmark.

The H-cushion is made of breathable and waterproof material and filled with polystyrene balls.

During 1½year Aarhus University Hospital lent the H-cushion to patients who were discharged from the hospital.

A questionaire reveals great satisfaction with the H-cushion. Some of the patients had been through a hip-operation before, and knew about sleeping and resting difficulties. Many experienced that the H-cushion was a great improvement for hip-operated patients.

Children and adults suffering from spasticity find great comfort in using the H-cushion. Many wake up several times during the night or during a little nap due to uneasiness and spasms in the legs. Using the H-cushion separates your legs, the spasticity is reduced, and you experience a more refreshing sleep.

The H-cushion can also be used for lying on your stomach (in prone position).

The H-cushion can be used for sitting. At the same time the therapist can support her arms on the cushion while giving treatment.