One Size Fits All Sling

The Universal Lifting Sling is one sling for all lifts.

The UNI lifting sling combines safety, comfort and durability in a rugged design of a strong polyester material. The result is a lifting sling which is perfect for institutions where the objective is to provide a high level of care without the inconvenience of having to work with a large number of different special slings.

The sling is made of a net polyester material with six support straps to secure the user and ensure full support and comfort. This means that the user can sit on the sling while seated in his wheelchair, which greatly facilitates the helper's work.

The net material ensures the required ventilation, and the sling's design with the six straps support the user's head during the entire lifting procedure.

  • Sizes: UNI Basic: M/L & L/XL
  • Rated load: 250 kg
  • Material: Polyester
  • Colour: Black
  • The sling can be washing at 85 Degrees Celcius