The lifting tub Classico is an freely accessible from three sides and is suitble for the usage with fibre-polyester.

This tub is an ergonomically shaped care tubs made out of glasfibre-poliester. It is freely accessible from three side and is suitable for the usage with nursing lift. The shape of the tub body offers a safe but nevertheless comfortable ergonomic design with its integrated arm rests and shaped back rest. The safety handles inside the tub provide assistance for the entrance and exit of the patient. In the lower leg area the tub body has inserted grooves to accommodate a tub shortener.

The tub is completely closed via external paneling and is dsigned without any desk construction. The lifting, which is effected by two synchronized eletromechanical actuators, ranges from 680 to 1.080 mm and is regulated by a cable-remote-control. A set of adjustable feet is supplied with the actuators to achieve an optimal working height.