Very often, in the community, where a person has adapted their home to care for a loved one, diaper changing facilities are often overlooked. This means that the dependent will be either changed on their bed or on the floor. This exercise, while being stressful and deleterious on the Carer?s back, is also highly embarrassing for the dependent, as spillages and accidents will slowly rot the bed or the carpet.

In order to reduce the stress on the Carer, and to provide a more pleas ant and efficient changing for the dependent, Enable Supplies present the MONA nursing Table.

With Electrically or Hydraulically operated height adjustment, the MONA table can be lowered to 390mm, to allow smooth roll over from low beds (futon etc.), wheelchairs an even the floor. The Table could then be raised to 920mm, allowing the carer to work comfortably at a height suitable for them.